If you enjoyed Yoyo from China, check out this 11 year old, Li-Sa-X from Japan. Already appearing on stage with Paul Gilbert and interviewed by Marty Friedman, this young prodigy has a very bright future ahead of her. It would have been nice if Paul actually allowed her to play though.

11 years old in 2013

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We're going to do another shred off, this time between Yoyo and Li-sa-X. While I could do without the commercialism of Li-sa-X playing with a credit card for VISA and the zombie-like head bangers, it still displays her incredible talent. So who do you believe should win this shred off? Personally, I believe Yoyo takes the prize. But both girls win for being amazing child prodigies.

9 years old in 2011

Here's another child prodigy shred guitarist from China. Her name is Liu Pinxi, otherwise known as Yoyo. At 10 years old Yoyo is on her way to being another of the world's greatest guitarists. She already makes playing look effortless. Imagine what she can accomplish as she gets older. Enjoy!

The evolution of Akim Camara

‚Äč3 years old in 2005