‚ÄčAnd now.....The Rigans! Yeah, I know, this page is for female guitarists, and it is! Laura is a woman who just happens to be in The Rigans! But there's another reason for featuring them that I'll make clear in the very near future. Stay tuned.

Here's a few more of Laura Lace. The first is an excellent live cover of Canon Rock with her band, The Rigans, who she plays bass for. Oh, did I forget to mention she plays bass in a band? Well, now I have to include a video or two of her bass playing skills along with a couple of The Rigans. Enjoy!

18 year old Tina S, hailing from Paris, France, is described as the world's most incredible guitarist. While there is no doubt she is an amazing guitarist with a very bright future, do you believe she is the most incredible? She was 16 when she recorded this video and will only get better. So if she's not currently the most incredible, she may very well be at some point in the future. I will be adding more videos of Tina S soon and especially one which shows the evolution of her talent. Stay tuned.

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Laura Lace is a Latvian princess from the city of Riga and is another teen female guitar prodigy. In this video she shreds a metal version of Vivaldi's Summer Presto, live on stage. Next up will be a shred off between Tina S and Laura playing the same Vivaldi.

The evolution of Tina S in three videos. If I remember correctly she is only 6 in the first video. The other two are a collage of Tina throughout the years leading up to her current status as the greatest female guitar virtuoso alive today. In an industry dominated by the likes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani it's refreshing to watch and hear Tina play, like a breath of fresh air for a new generation. I look forward to a very promising career for Tina and can only hope that she never strays in to the realm of pop music.

This page is dedicated to amazing female guitarists that deserve mention and a listen to

It's a good ol' fashion shred off! Well, technically it's just two prodigy guitarists, Laura Lace from Riga, Latvia and Tina S from Paris, France, playing Vivaldi's Summer Presto in separate videos. But with the magic of video editing we get to watch them as a shred off! Who do you believe is the better shredder? Although Laura is phenomenal, my vote is for Tina. But don't let it influence your decision.
I would love to see both of these girls play together on stage. Who knows, perhaps they'll have their own G3 tour some day? Enjoy!