I've always enjoyed the creative and bizarre side of artists, be they musicians or....whatever! But, since this is a site about music this page will be dedicated to bands and/or musicians that fit this category. And none are more bizarre than Australia's own, Twelve Foot Ninja​Or at least I haven't been able to find any. So, on that note, we're going to start things off with One Hand Killing. β€‹A special thanks to drummer, Meytal Cohen, for turning me on to this band.

If you or your friends know of any bizarre music videos, please contact me via email with a link to the video(s) and I'll post them here with credit for the one who directed me to them.​ You can contact me on the Home page.

WARNING! Some of these videos are quite explicit in their content. Enjoy!

The Bizarre Page - The Place for Bizarre Music Videos

Next up is Lil Dicky. While his music does not fall within my particular tastes, his videos are bizarre enough to qualify for mention on The Bizarre Page. On that note let's get into it. I highly recommend listening with headphones to better catch some of the creativity that went into this video.

Another of Lil Dicky's videos that impressed the hell out of me is one titled Earth. It's another that reveals his creativity while presenting a message of peace, unity and being good stewards of the only planet that we know of which supports life and is our only home. This is the complete opposite direction of his videos which normally speak of "getting his freak on." Enjoy!

​Speaking of getting his freak on, the next video is titled Lemme Freak and is a humorous portrayal of being careful of what you wish for. While he gets the girl, his life changes, and not for the better (depending on how you look at it). I'm sure many from either gender can relate to this video.