The Indie Hour - A Segment Dedicated to Indie Artists, Bands & Labels

This week I'll be featuring a few indie artists/bands represented by Ariel Hyatt's Cyber PR that were recently added to my collection. The first Cyber PR musician is folk artist, Shelby Merchant from her release Way Past Seventeen. The next Cyber PR musician is Ian Jones (Bombardier Jones) with his bluesy/folkish/countryish sounds off his Dare To Hope release. Next up is Italian rock artist, Lorenzo Mohr with his new single release, Harry Wants to Be Free. And lastly is the rock band, The R Train with their new single Flip Out Zone.

I used to work with Ariel many years ago during the first iteration of Live365. During that time she provided me access to many different indie artist/bands. One of those bands, The States, who I saw play live in Norfolk, VA long before my radio days. So imagine my surprise when I discovered Ariel was representing them. The States will also be in this week's Indie Hour from their Path of Least Resistance. If any indie artists/bands are looking for representation, contact Ariel at

   Note: All times are CST (Chicago time) USA, -5 GMT. You will need a VPN if you live outside of the USA, UK or Canada

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          Band/Musician                                     Song Title                                                          Album Title                                    Song Length

Josh Kroehn                    Never Found                                      Untitled                                                   3:05

Shelby Merchant             Today Was Good                                Way Past Seventeen                                  4:18

Bombardier Jones            Let the Light Shine                             Dare to Hope                                           4:42

Heist At Five                   Friday Night                                      Friday Night                                            3:15

Rebel Heart                    Self-Made Man                                  Yuk Fu                                                     4:18

Get Back                        Roll Back Home                                  Untitled                                                   3:33

Lorenzo Mohr                 Harry Wants to Be Free                       Harry Wants to Be Free                            2:52

Underwhelmed                With You                                            Reveal                                                    4:00

The R Train                     Flip Out Zone                                    Flip Out Zone                                          3:30

Dani Llamas                   Dead and Gone                                  The Heavy Hours                                     3:40

The Shining Skulls           For Everyone                                      Destroy Your Self                                     4:21

The States                      Be Good Tonight                                 The Path of Least Resistance                    4:54

Fusion Accidental            Only Day                                           Crazy on Stage                                        3:17

The Tragic Company        Without You                                      Paradox Vol. 1                                          4:07

U.N.S.I.N.                        Blink                                                  Untitled                                                  4:00

Sense of Fear                  Molten Core                                      As The Ages Passing By...                           5:20