I was recently contacted by Sébastien Le Bars, guitarist and vocals for the French rock group, O-NYX, asking if I was interested in featuring their music on my station. After listening to their material how could I refuse? Based out of Britanny, France, besides Sébastien, O-nyx is made up of Fabien Laube on guitars and lead vocals, Xavier Bourgeois on bass and vocals and Grégory Allanic on drums and vocals. Here's a little info about O-NYX from their official Bio.

​"Influenced by the Anglo-Saxon & American rock of the 70s to 90s, the quartet features a raw and angry sound, a balance between "punchy" rock carried by melodies well affirmed.

"Since its creation, O-NYX has participated in more than 250 concerts in France, but also in Belgium and the Netherlands. They also recorded 3 EPs and 2 LPs in which there is little real progress in the creative process. The songs are refined, the song used as the fifth instrument serving catchy melodies while the bass delivers harmonious lines that gave the old sound identity of O-NYX. If the group has already spent the last years working with his compositions a brand new, it's live, to give their new songs with crazy energy and joy communicative!"

​You can purchase O-NYX's music on Number One Music and a digital copy of their Dead or Alive release on Amazon.

Before introducing you to some of their YouTube videos a little history of the band is in order. The following is from their website:

​"Since the release of their first album in 2017 the music has already attracted considerable attention and sells steadily in the UK, Europe and America. Zeelley Moon is a British band formed in Buckinghamshire in 2006, headed by Pat Molesworth. The most recent line-up consists of Pat Molesworth (Piano, Keyboards and vocals), Tony Dodd (Bass), Tony Dubinski (guitars), and Nobby Birch (drums). Previous members include Geoff Bolam (Guitars), Andy Whitaker (Bass), and Manna Ash (Drums), Chris Garner (Bass), Terry Finn (Drums), plus various guest backing vocalists. The band have performed live many times though currently spending more time in the studio, having released the first album. Currently an independent band, they are distributing their releases through CD baby and their own website, selling both a physical album and download. Although they’re not a progressive Rock band, the first album received critical acclaim from the progressive rock community. The album itself has been described as multi-genre. Many independent radio shows have featured songs by Zeelley Moon and the album made Garry Foster’s top ten albums of 2017 (Garry Foster 101.8 wcr fm)"


"Pat started writing songs and musical themes in his teens. In 2006 Pat joined Chris Garner (Bass), Terry Finn (Drums) and Geoff Bolam (Guitar) to form a house band and named it Touchwood. In 2008 Touchwood recorded a live album with the help of Derik Timms. They continued to perform regularly at various venues and festivals Bucks, Berks, Herts and London until their last live performance in 2009 at Boxmoor Music Festival. Shortly after this Pat left the band. In 2010 Pat formed Zeelley Moon with Geoff Bolam (Guitars), Manna Ash (Drums) and Andy Whitaker (Bass) and again performed live. In 2011 they recorded three songs; Smile, Feel so Real and Designer Crime at Area 18 Studios in West London. Not released, they were to become part of the next album, although recording didn’t resume until 2015. In 2012 Pat met with Tony Dodd, Tony Dubinski and Nobby Birch and the current line up of Zeelley Moon was formed. In 2013 rehearsals started and they went on to perform live again. 2015 saw the start of new recordings at Area 18 Studios, West London. The last live band performances were summer 2016 before Pat moved to Wales. Pat continued to work on the album with contributions mostly from the band but also drafting in various musicians and it was completed in July 2017

You can find Zeelley Moon's self-titled release, Zeelley Moon, available for purchase on Amazon and CD Baby. They're supposed to be available on iTunes as well but true to form for Apple, I can't find a link anywhere for purchasing their music on iTunes. So do yourself a favor and avoid the frustration, purchase through Amazon or CD Baby.

​I currently have See Me Fly, Designer Crime, and Tricks and Tragedy in my playlist. But with over 950 songs (and growing) in the playlist and the fact that I have no control over Live365's algorithm for how they stream my playlist, it's going to be hit or miss hearing them on my station. But they will be a mainstay when I get around to programming The Indie Hour. I also have other options Live365 provides which I need to look into. But for now, through the grace of YouTube, you get to listen to Zeelley Moon on demand! With that being said enjoy the following  videos.

Kostas Salomidis from Angels PR Artists and Music Promotion recently emailed me a link to Liber8 from our newest indie addition, Project Renegade's latest release, Order of the Minus. After listening to it I immediately added it to my playlist and contacted Kostas for the full release, and anything else he had for Project Renegade. Based out of Athens, Greece, Project Renegade is a metal band founded by Marianna (vocals) and Ody (drums) and joined after by Nick K. (guitar) and Jay (bass).

The following is from Project Renegade's official bio:

Project Renegade is a four-member metal band from Athens, Greece, founded by Marianna (vocals) and Ody (drums) and joined after by Nick K. (guitar) and Jay (bass). Project Renegade's sound derives from an alternative, heavy and groove background blended with electronic and ambient elements. After releasing its debut EP "Cerebra" to high critical acclaim, the band has completed its first full-length album titled "Order of the Minus", due for release on October 31st, 2019. Project Renegade are performing live in Greece and all around Europe, having shared the stage with bands like Evanescence, Bullet For My Valentine, Harakiri for the Sky, Mayan and Beyond the Black among others, and having participated in renowned festivals like FEMME-Female Metal Event 2018 (NL), Danube Rock Festival (RO), Over the Wall Festival (GR), Iron Queens Festival (RO), Voices of the Succubi 2018 (MT), Ladies of Metal Festival (GR), Milady Metal Festival (IT) and Rock'n'Iasi (RO).

Project Renegade's music is available for purchase on Bandcamp and their Facebook page.

For more information about Project Renegade or if you're looking for support, contact Angels PR Artists and Music Promotion.

Next up is Bulgarian composer, Dimitri K (not to be confused with the Uptempo Hardcore Dimitri K also found on YouTube), with his latest release, 7/8.​ As those who have been following me since my time on WRIU and through my years on Live365 know, I do not limit by genre with independent artists. I've always believed in providing a platform for those artists who would otherwise receive no airplay. With that being said, some of Dimitri's music is a little difficult to categorize. While the title track from his Blue Cat release is smooth jazz,  Interpretation of a Dream from his latest release, 7/8,​ is a bit on the romantic side. And Inferred, also from 7/8, is a combination of both. But it appears the bulk of 7/8 falls within the jazz category.

​Here's a little about Dimitri K in his own words:

Won National Contest for Youth Pop Composers in 1982 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since then have written over 250 songs for many top singers and instrumentalists. Many became the hit songs of the 80s in Bulgaria. Some songs sold over 250,000 copies at a time. Wrote the cover songs for the Melody of the Year National TV Show in 1987 and 1988. Contestants from quite a few different countries performed his songs as part of the ongoing International Golden Orpheus Festival on the Black Sea. His recorded music is part of the Golden Music Library of the National Radio in Sofia, Bulgaria.

​Dimitri, currently residing in Orlando, Florida, is joined by Alvin L. Giles, and Rob Mullins on keyboards, Devrick Bell on saxophone, Jochy Rodriguez on trumpet, John Valeri on guitar, Jamie Strefeler on oboe and Konstantin Dimitrov on violin . You can find Dimitri's music on CD Baby.

​The following is a review of Dimitri's 7/8 release by Dick Metcalf, editor and founder of Contemporary Fusion Reviews. Here is Dimitri's official YouTube channel if you're interested in listening to more or subscribing.

The latest submission for inclusion on The Indie Page and my playlist is Giacomo Mazzu, known simply as Mazzu, with his latest release Perfect Lizard​.

Here is his official bio:

Italian-born songwriter Mazzu plays “Timeless Alternative Rock”: powerful tunes with introspective lyrics and radiant vocals. Think Eddie Vedder meets Michael Hutchence, with a dash of Mike Patton’s Mexican cousin!

His most recent offering Perfect Lizard is a collection of songs written between Italy, Scotland and Mexico. It was recorded and mixed by Riccardo Pasini at Studio 73 in Ravenna, Italy. He helped Mazzu craft the earthy, warm sound that brings his songs to life. But this record is far from having the intimate quality of a solo album. Indeed, it features 13 musicians and shows the sonic solidity of a full band with a penchant for catchy, radio-ready refrains.

Mazzu grew up in a little village near Venice, Italy, but soon revealed an urge to get away and explore the world, pushing the boundaries each time a little further. After a rather troubled teenage, he lived in Bologna for a period and then abroad. He moved country 9 times in 10 years, mainly around the UK and Latin America.

Since the age of 15, writing and performing songs has been his major creative outlet. He cut his musical teeth in Italy, playing in several alternative rock bands and self-producing 3 EPs. Then, after a short hiatus from music, he decided to do it all alone and put his face and name at the forefront. And so Mazzu was born. Don’t call his music ‘indie’ because it is something different (and because ‘indie’ doesn’t really mean anything). There is blues, pop and psychedelia in it. A sincere voice telling the story of a young man who tries to live on this planet at the beginning of the 21st century. His lyrics are journeys into the complexities of human nature, touching themes of freedom, individualism, obsession, love and death, all fuelled by an impassioned approach to every line he sings.

2019 finds him promoting the release of Perfect Lizard and writing material for his next album.

You can find Mazzu's Perfect Lizard  release on his personal website, Spotify and Bandcamp. You can also find his videos on his YouTube page.

Kostas Salomidis with Angels PR Artists and Music Promotion has successfully done it again with his latest band submission, Don Canyon, with their new single, Don't Lie  featuring Joakem. A band with a social conscious, founded by brothers Panos and Themis, Don Canyon is known for addressing social issues such as bullying, depression and suicide prevention.

DON CANYON was formed in Cyprus in 2018 by Panos, who has a background in classical violin, with his brother Themis, where they self-recorded, filmed and edited their first instrumental track to air on YouTube. The track is from the well-known movie “Requiem for a Dream” – Panos had the initial idea to do a rock version of the track with his brother. Following that, the band released a second instrumental track called "Palladio" by Karl Jenkins, an orchestral piece where the band followed similar approach in a symphonic rock concept. Even though the song has no vocals the band’s intention as can be seen from their Music Video was to Prevent Suicide Actions. Immediately after "Palladio", the band released their debut single, an Anti-bullying song called "DYNASTY" featuring award winning vocalist Chandler Mogel from the band “Outloud”.

The band's intention is to spread awareness of the many social issues that our world currently faces including sensitive topics such as bullying, depression and suicide actions.

The band’s focus is to spread their blend of rock music with

classical tones to listeners in Europe and America. Guitarist

Yegor has recently joined the brothers and the band is

searching for a vocalist, with plans for starting to play live


Next up is smooth jazz musician, Rod Best, featuring his latest release, Funky Feeling. Rod recently contacted me requesting air time and even though his music is not a perfect fit for my format, as I've said many times before, I do not limit independent musicians by genre. With that being said here is his bio:

Rod currently lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is married to Jan. He learnt piano at an early age then branched out onto organ. He also has studied alto saxophone and guitar. Over the years Rod has been involved in training and developing of singers and musicians as well as writing music arrangements for small stage band through to large orchestras, direction of major musical productions and song composition.

He studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Jazz Improvisation and Advanced Arranging, developing in composition and arrangement in jazz and contemporary keyboarding styles. He has also studied under some great Australian jazz piano players including Tony Ansell, Mike Nock, Michael Bartolomei, Chuck Yates, Judy Bailey, Dave Fennell, Vince Genova and Kevin Hunt. He studied at Jazz Worx in Brisbane and received an Associate Diploma in Jazz.

He has released five instrumental albums called “Best Of Smooth”, “The Best of Rod Best”, “Groove On”, “A Peaceful Place”, “The Next Level”, “Soul Soothing” featuring Patrick Yandall on guitars, Daniel Spirovski on saxophones, Libbie Jo Snyder on flute and his latest “Funky Feeling” with Patrick Yandall on guitar in “How About Smooth:. He has also released a number of singles including “Sweet Emotion”, “In the Groove”, “Move ‘n’ Groove”, “Besty’s Bossa”, “Lazy Days”, “Turn Up the Heat”, “Lasting Impression”, “Going Places”, “High Energy”, “Piano Groove Time”, Smooth As”, “Listen Up Now”, and “A Good Note”. He has also completed a collaboration EP with “Light of Love” from Chicago called “The Best Of Christmas”. All music is available at http://www.rodbestmusic.com or from iTunes, CD Baby, Apple Music, Songtradr, SpotifyAmazon or YouTube.


Zeelley Moon, which has been a long time coming, is the latest indie band added to my collection. My apologies to Pat Molesworth and the rest of Zeelley Moon for taking so long adding them to The Indie Page. I've been extremely busy lately and with the holidays, I had to set my priorities. Now that my lame attempt at an excuse is over let's introduce you to the band and their music. ​​

The Indie Page - The Place for Indie Artists who Deserve Mention


Nick K.

Next up, Alizarin, from their 2018 debut release Cast Zenith, was a lucky find on YouTube. Found via YouTube's suggested artists I knew immediately that I needed to add them to my playlist. After reaching out to Alizarin to inform them I had added them to my playlist, Josh Kay replied and advised that their full length second release is coming soon. When released I will be adding it to the playlist. Stay tuned.

**UPDATE** Alizarin has just released a new single, Elegy Simulacra, which will be on their new release, The Last Semblance, currently scheduled for release on July 10, 2020. Here is a little teaser to whet your appetite.


Although the current Alizarin lineup consists of Josh Kay, Jon Damon, Terran Fernandez and Avelino Ramirez, Cast Zenith has Josh Kay on guitars and programming, Jon Damon on drums and Steve Ostaszewski on bass guitar with guest, Adam Holzman on the Minimoog and Korg Karma. Alizarin's music is available for purchase on AmazonBandcamp and Apple Music  and are available for listening on their website, Bandcamp, their YouTube channel and Spotify. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Now for their official bio...

"Alizarin - Cinematic rock/metal centered around brooding melodies, wrapped in epic

Born out of the forward-thinking inclinations of guitarist/vocalist Josh Kay in late 2017, Alizarin
is on a mission to explore unconventional rock music. In addition to Kay, the group consists of
Jon Damon on drums, Terran Fernandez on bass guitar, and Avelino Ramirez on keyboard.
Alizarin is based in Los Angeles, CA and endeavors to create compelling, dramatic music that
defies rock expectations.

Alizarin released their first full-length album, titled 'Cast Zenith', in 2018 and is preparing to
release their new album ‘The Last Semblance’ in Summer 2020. Unlike their strictly
instrumental debut record, this sophomore release features prominent vocals throughout. Rich
harmonies and baritone resonance from Kay’s voice add a new dimension to the music,
allowing the band’s sound to expand to truly uncharted territory.
‘The Last Semblance’ covers a wide spectrum of sonic landscapes and emphasizes the melodic
journey over deliberate technique. Although Kay is the chief songwriter of Alizarin, the
compositions on the new record focus on a balance of each instrument, with less of an
emphasis on the domination of guitar solos and a greater exploration of what each musician is
capable of. The album draws influence from such groups as Porcupine Tree, Haken, Alice in
Chains, Opeth, Portishead, and many more. The results are a sound that is challenging to
define, pensive, and often at the crossroads of melody and dissonance.

The next indie band, Cartoon Theory, is a personal favorite of mine. Founded in 2009 by Maxime Lathière in Limoges, France, Cartoon Theory features guitar greats such as Plini and David Maxmicic and drummer Travis Orbin, just to name a few. Cartoon Theory features an eclectic mix of progressive rock, electronic and modern metal to produce one of the most unique sounds in the world of independent bands. Their latest release, Yokai Orchestra, is another masterpiece  in their discography and will gives your ears a very satisfying eargasm. Check out their below bio for a more detailed description.

You can find Cartoon Theory on Facebook and Instagram and can purchase their music on Bandcamp.

Since I have returned to Live365 and am able to schedule programs, the Indie Hour will be returning. Even so I will be  maintaining The Indie Page to keep everyone up to date on schedule times and to introduce new indie musicians/bands added to my collection and station. If you're an indie artist/band and would like airtime on my station, please email me via the Contact Me form on the home page. I recently changed the email address to one specifically related to my station so your request will not get buried under a plethora of emails that I seem to get bombarded with. 

With that being said let's get into it....


We're going to start things off with Austrian guitarist, Johannes Maria Knoll, with his Biblically inspired solo release, Transcended. 

He is joined by Christian Eigner on drums and Gerald Schaffhauser on bass. The following is from the official press release:

After 25 years of working with various international artists, Austian guitar player Johannes Maria Knoll decided to step into the front row to release his first instrumental – guitar - album titled "transcended". He is joined by two incredible musicians: Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode) on drums and Gerald Schaffhauser (House of Riddim, Lukascher...) on bass. 

The 17 (mainly Rock -) songs pay homage to „The Holy Bible“ with all it´s force, it´s darkness, it´s distortion, it´s epic broadness, it´s catastrophies, it´s brutality, it´s treasons, it´s light, it´s cleanness, it´s philosophy, it´s morality, it´s hope, it´s glory, it´s power, it´s kindness, it´s wisdom, it´s truth, it´s salvation and it´s love​.

​You can find Johannes' CD on Amazon and Apple MusicWithout further ado, let's check out some of his videos performed live at Freiraum in St. Pölten, Austria. Enjoy!