I was recently contacted by Sébastien Le Bars, guitarist and vocals for the French rock group, O-NYX, asking if I was interested in featuring their music on my station. After listening to their material how could I refuse? Based out of Britanny, France, besides Sébastien, O-nyx is made up of Fabien Laube on guitars and lead vocals, Xavier Bourgeois on bass and vocals and Grégory Allanic on drums and vocals. Here's a little info about O-NYX from their official Bio.

​"Influenced by the Anglo-Saxon & American rock of the 70s to 90s, the quartet features a raw and angry sound, a balance between "punchy" rock carried by melodies well affirmed.

"Since its creation, O-NYX has participated in more than 250 concerts in France, but also in Belgium and the Netherlands. They also recorded 3 EPs and 2 LPs in which there is little real progress in the creative process. The songs are refined, the song used as the fifth instrument serving catchy melodies while the bass delivers harmonious lines that gave the old sound identity of O-NYX. If the group has already spent the last years working with his compositions a brand new, it's live, to give their new songs with crazy energy and joy communicative!"

​You can purchase O-NYX's music on                   and a digital copy of their Dead or Alive release on 

Next up is Bulgarian composer, Dimitri K (not to be confused with the Uptempo Hardcore Dimitri K also found on YouTube), with his latest release, 7/8.​ As those who have been following me since my time on WRIU and through my years on Live365 know, I do not limit by genre with independent artists. I've always believed in providing a platform for those artists who would otherwise receive no airplay. With being said, some of Dimitri's music is a little difficult to categorize. While the title track from his Blue Cat release is smooth jazz,  Interpretation of a Dream from his latest release, 7/8,​ is a bit on the romantic side. And Inferred, also from 7/8, is a combination of both. But it appears the bulk of 7/8 falls within the jazz category.

​Here's a little about Dimitri K in his own words:

Won National Contest for Youth Pop Composers in 1982 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since then have written over 250 songs for many top singers and instrumentalists. Many became the hit songs of the 80s in Bulgaria. Some songs sold over 250,000 copies at a time. Wrote the cover songs for the Melody of the Year National TV Show in 1987 and 1988. Contestants from quite a few different countries performed his songs as part of the ongoing International Golden Orpheus Festival on the Black Sea. His recorded music is part of the Golden Music Library of the National Radio in Sofia, Bulgaria.

​Dimitri is joined by Alvin L. Giles, and Rob Mullins on keyboards, Devrick Bell on saxophone, Jochy Rodriguez on trumpet, John Valeri on guitar, Jamie Strefeler on oboe and Konstantin Dimitrov on violin . You can find Dimitri's music on 

​The following is a review of Dimitri's 7/8 release by Dick Metcalf, editor and founder of Contemporary Fusion Reviews. Here is Dimitri's official YouTube channel if you're interested in listening to more or subscribing.

We're going to start things off with Austrian guitarist, Johannes Maria Knoll, with his Biblically inspired solo release, Transcended. 

He is joined by Christian Eigner on drums and Gerald Schaffhauser on bass. The following is from the official press release:

After 25 years of working with various international artists, Austian guitar player Johannes Maria Knoll decided to step into the front row to release his first instrumental – guitar - album titled "transcended". He is joined by two incredible musicians: Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode) on drums and Gerald Schaffhauser (House of Riddim, Lukascher...) on bass. 

The 17 (mainly Rock -) songs pay homage to „The Holy Bible“ with all it´s force, it´s darkness, it´s distortion, it´s epic broadness, it´s catastrophies, it´s brutality, it´s treasons, it´s light, it´s cleanness, it´s philosophy, it´s morality, it´s hope, it´s glory, it´s power, it´s kindness, it´s wisdom, it´s truth, it´s salvation and it´s love​.

​You can find Johannes' CD on

Without further ado, let's check out some of his videos performed live at Freiraum in St. Pölten, Austria. Enjoy!

The Indie Page - The Place for Indie Artists who Deserve Mention

During my 11 years on Live365 I featured a weekly segment I called The Indie Hour. ​It was a place that indie artists could introduce themselves to a worldwide audience and I was happy to offer the platform, free of charge. There was none of the usual OTA radio BS, just one hour of non-commercial, uninterrupted music. Since the demise of Live365 due to the expiration of the Small Webcaster's Settlement Act and the CRB's royalty rate increase, I haven't been keeping up with a featured segment for indie artists. The main reason is because I don't have the same kind of control over the server I use to stream my station as I did with Live365. But, since I am independent of Live365 with my own website, I do have the ability to create a page dedicated to indie artists! It's not quite the same as an hour long segment, but it is On Demand and allows you to pick and choose what you want to listen to. With that being said let's get into it....